Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ultra Series Showa Era

Found this link from NyaaTorrents which includes almost ALL series during the showa period.
Original Ultraman
Ultraman Jack
Ultraman Ace
Ultraman Taro
Ultraman Leo
The Ultraman(Animation)

Comes with many extras like disc art, behind-the-scenes and interviews etc. All are raw. Although if you search around you may get subtitles somewhere. (Thanks to Hikari Senshi for Jack subs)
Sadly, Ultraman 80 is not included and I can't find him anywhere on the web, yet.

Click here to download torrent.


Ultra-Act Ultraman Dyna Release

News from Tamashii web:

Ultra-Act Ultraman Dyna(Flash type) is slated for a 2012 February release. With him, the three brothers of the 90's will be complete! (At least in their most popular forms)


A new star is born

Well hello there! Welcome to my freshly created blog, dedicated to my love for the Japanese tokusatsu series, Ultraman. I just started my figure collection not too long ago and I'll be sharing them here with pictures and mayyybee reviews (I'm not too experienced enough, but I can give my personal opinions). Also, I'll post any random news I find here, about figures, shows, movies, merchandises. I'll post download links too. Stay tuned!