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News: Ultraman Saga


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DAIGO tranforms into Ultraman Zero, appears in new movie with Tsuruno, Sugiura

Musician DAIGO transforms into Ultraman Zero in the Ultraman series’ latest movie “Ultraman Saga”. (Director: Oka Hideki, Release: 2012.03.24) DAIGO takes the challenge of playing the leading role for a movie for the first time as Taiga Nozomu, whose signauture pose this time won’t be “Wish!” but “Finish!” On his first tokusatsu hero role, DAIGO says, “This is the first time in my life that I’m going to be a hero, and I get to be Japan’s pride Ultraman. This is really an honor.” DAIGO will be co-starring with Tsuruno Takeshi as Ultraman Dyna’s Asuka Shin, and Sugiura Taiyou as Ultraman Cosmos’ Haruno Musashi.
The movie’s plot centers on the three Ultra heroes from outer space — Zero, Dyna, and Cosmos — who are called upon to protect the earth from mysterious alien invaders and bring back hope and peace.
Ultraman Zero first appeared in the 2009 movie Daikaijuu Batoru Urutora Ginga Densetsu (Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy). As a new generation Ultraman, he comes from Galaxy M78′s Hikari no Kuni, and is the son of Ultra Seven. He has also been featured in Ultraman Zero THE MOVIE and also appears on TV Tokyo’s ongoing series Ultraman Retsuden.
Taiga, the character DAIGO plays, is a rookie of the defense team Super GUTS, with genius aircraft pilot skills. Taiga becomes one with Ultraman Zero after a getting seriously injured while trying to save a trapped boy. Taiga obtains the ability to transform into Ultraman Zero, a gigantic hero who stands 49 meters tall and equips the same Ultra Zero Eye as Ultra Seven,  but he is the first in the Ultrman series who is described as “reluctant to transform.” Looking back on the filming, DAIGO says, “I played the role while thinking that it would be nice if I could show Taiga’s feelings as he transforms into Ultraman Zero, rather than my own.”
Tsuruno debuted as Ultraman Dyna in 1997, while Sugiura debuted as Cosmos in 2001 — both in TV dramas. Both works were popular among fans, but this will also be the first time they’re competing with each other. Tsuruno says, “It’s been 15 years since the series, but I still feel that I’ve grown together with Asuka during that 1-year shoot. I’m really happy that this time, I get to fight together with other Ultra heroes.” Sugiura expressed his joy on the other hand, saying “It’s been ten years since Taiyou transformed so I’m really pumped up! I’m proud to have acted as Ultraman Cosmos.  Cosmos taught me the meaning of strength, kindness, and courage.”

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  1. i think that the movie was released in march, 24.
    can you get it for us?

  2. Yes, if you have read this post, you'll see the movie's release date up there.
    I would love to post links here if I have managed to find any.
    But I think I need to emphasize that Ultraman Saga is released in Japan theaters on March 24th. I don't think it'll be available on media so soon.

  3. ok, maybe dvd will be release in may.