Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ultra-Act Review: Ultraman Zero And Ultimate Zero

The unboxing.

Main Bodies.
I must say, I'm not really into new age ultramen.
Although, with the ever-advancing technology that comes more realistic effects (which what Ultraman is all about), I find that somehow, the current age is deviating from the original set up. I'm not saying I dislike all new age ultramen, just the way it's advancing. Ultraman Nexus, for one, has a really cool suit design. All gone to waste with a lackluster plot. Ultraman Max returned to the normal plot. But his suit reminds me of Guyferd. Then you have the ridiculous Ultra Galaxy Battle. Battlenizers, really? I mean, the original maquette monsters were original, but this is way off. *cough-kemon* *cough-di-cough-gimon* I hope Tsuburaya Pro can head in the right direction.

That being said, let's move on to these toys. Ultraman Zero hasn't got a series of his own, yet. So I can't really say I like him or not, although he does look good in the two movies he has starred in. I just have a bugging question though, how the hell are they going to come up with the series, when he almost single-handedly took out Arch Belial? How would they come up with competent monsters to face him anymore, after what happened in the monster graveyard?

Moving on, Ultraman Zero is done quite well here, considering he was one of the early releases in this line. The joints feel tight enough, less the upper arms.

One problem I have with the early releases is their tight hand joints. Makes it a pain to do multiple poses after a while.

The accessories for Ultraman Zero is not bad. I think it's a good move to have changeable heads rather than removable sluggers. I had a bad time with Ultraseven.

Ultimate Zero is another try of Tamashii to suck us fan boys deeper into their abyss. He's priced even higher than his default form. They could have just released an upgrade pack with his additional armor and "wings" for us to clip it on or something. The body is the same mold, with a fixed head. Meaning you are paying that much more for his new armor and a few new accessories.

He's not even made properly. The new armor is off axis, and I got a left upper arm joint that was just fused together, limiting movement. There's also this odd yellowish tinge to him that I see on his whole head.

 He's just not really that special.

Ending comments:
Ultra-Act Ultraman Zero is definitely a decent figure to have. Tight joints, well done paint jobs, good sculpting. 8/10

Ultra-Act Ultimate Zero is, no matter what, not worthy of your money. Good job, Tamashii, for taking me into the Abyss again. I wouldn't have gotten him if not for the discount. If you're just keen on main forms of ultramen, don't feel bad for skipping this. If you would like to complete your collection, get him on discount. As a toy, 6/10

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