Monday, November 7, 2011

Ultra-Act Review: Evil Tiga

The un-boxing.

Main Body.
I'm quite a fan of the Ultraman Tiga series( then again, I'm a fan of all things Ultra) less Revival of the Ancient Giant. The series was a big comeback for Tsuburaya Pro. and the Ultra series after a long hiatus (less Ultraseven reproductions), and sparked off another wave of Ultra craze.
Then was the time when I got my first ever Ultra related toy, the GUTS WING 02. I'm glad I kept it well until now.
On with the review, first impression of Evil Tiga is the nice paint used. Makes the whole figure look decent and doesn't look plastic. Application however, is not perfect. I am unlucky enough to get one with a scratch on his face. Guess he's a victim of mass manufacturing.

The figure itself is solid enough; not too stiff, not too loose. Comparing him with Ultraman Tiga Multi Type, it looks like Tamashii Nations updated their Tiga models to be less rigid, with looser hand ball joints. It's not really a good thing; the hands pop in easier, but they come out with same ease as well. The eyes and color timer though, are BEAUTIFUL. Far better than Ultraman Tiga Multi Type to Skytype. The accessories are again, the normal amount for Ultra-Act.

A little disappointing is that they didn't really buff him up. In the show, Evil Tiga was a lot beefier than Ultraman Tiga, especially the chest area. But in this Ultra-Act line, they look about the same build.

Ending comments:
I'm a Tiga fan and if you are, you should get him too! I'll give Evil Tiga 8/10.

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