Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ultra-Act Review: Ultraseven

The unboxing.
Main Body.
I have mixed feelings about this one. Ultraseven is one of my favourite Showa era ultramen, other than Ultraman Leo and Taro. I like them for their costume designs. Ultraseven was the first ultra to be designed with red as the base color, with unconventional angular eyes. He also happens to be the only ultra I know of that doesn't have a proper color timer, although his beam lamp on his head sometimes act like one.

As you can see from the photo of the main body, Ultraseven suffers from figure design rather badly. He can't keep his arms by his side properly, he has a short abdomen and quite exposed ankle joints.
His abdomen piece is also too stiff and tends to tilt to the right side. His eye slugger is too loose and just drops off his head every time I happened to brush against it.
The one thing I can't stand the most is his back view.

The torso piece is poorly done. He's missing his two "back muscles", and what's with the silver paint on his traps? It's atrocious.

He's not all negative, however. With his abundance of accessories, he can be a fun piece to play with.

Ending comments:
I really want to love this figure, but it's just too flawed to be loved. Sadly too, I failed to fall down the abyss early enough to get the campaign box that came with the first 3 released ultramen. Ultraseven is a character with depth. This figure however, looks only as good as it does on camera. 6.5/10

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  1. Flawed...this figure is not really flawed at all. I have no problems with my figure really. My eyeslugger doesn't come off all that much, even if it is rolled side to side on the shelf it still manages to stay put somehow. Which surprises me. I do wonder why the silver paint is on the top back myself though since it is not there in the show. I only wished they made the Emerium beam piece as it was shaping up to be before during concept, that it was two separate hands with the pointed fingers. That you would inset the Emerium rod piece in the hole on the head as a swap out. Or maybe they should have done it like they did Gaia's head with the Photon Edge, just make the Emerium a part of a secondary swap out head.