Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ultra-Act Review: Eleking

The unboxing.
Main Body.

When I acquired my first Ultra-Act figure (Ultraman Tiga) casually, I never knew how deep into the abyss I will fall. When I looked at Eleking at that time, I thought: Maybe someday...

Now, I'm happily reviewing it on a blog.

For people who are familiar with this line, I think you don't need to see a comparison photo to see that Eleking is HUGE.

To say that this release is good is an understatement. He is just that well made. Although mine did arrive a bit greasy, I suppose that's because he's been left on the shelf for too long. The joints are SOLID, the best I've come across yet. The sculpt is fantastic, and the paint job is awesome.

Although he was not the most formidable opponent of Ultraseven, he was classic enough to be frequently reused in various sequels.

On the down side, his accessories are one of the fewest in the line. But that is because he really has no other powers.

Ending comments:
Ultra-Act Eleking is easily the best of my collection yet. Made exactly what an action figure should be. 9/10

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