Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ultra-Act Review: Ultraman Tiga (Multi-Type, Tiga Dark, Sky-Type, Power-Type)

It has been a busy past week for me, but still found time to do this quick review of 4 figures anyway. 4 figures, that is, of the same character: Ultraman Tiga. Tamashii certainly know how to let their business thrive. Luckily for them, I am enough of a Tiga fan to be drawn to this abyss.

 Ultra-Act Ultraman Tiga Multi-Type was the first figure in this line that I acquired. However, it was a rather new release back then, and it may be a good thing that I didn't review it until now, when I have got his main modes and dark as well.

Group shot of early acquisitions.
 Comparing Multi-Type with previously released figures (not Leo, I know), you got to think that he could have had much more potential to look better. Heck, even Zero is better made than him.
Basically the same mold.

Multi-Type is bugged with problems that you commonly find in mass-produced toys. Paint over-lap, under-paint, glued-paint etc. Basically shoddy paint jobs.

His joints are not bad and could be quite articulate if not for a major problem which is his chest joint. It's somehow too rigid and perpetually tilts forward unless you really force him back like trying to straighten the hunched back of a centurion.
His accessories are the usual amount, with an added "shield" which is actually just a flimsy piece of colored transparent plastic accompanied by a stand to prop it up with.

You'll also get the campaign toy accompanied in the first batch release for free, UMW Guts Wing 1, if you got him early enough, although by now there are still a lot of them left undistributed. I wasn't able to get it then.

Sky-Type and Dark are really just the same molds as Multi-Type, but painted to their respective forms with better effort, and accompanied by campaign items, catered to suckers like me. Although I did get them while they were on half price. Obviously there weren't enough suckers for them, so I got the campaign items too, very much later after the release date.

Being the same mold, they have the same articulation but without the major problem in Multi-Type, making them rather decent releases, if you can see past the fact that they are not the default form of Ultraman Tiga.

Campaign items as shown above include: UMW Snow White and a special Tiga Dark themed STAGE Act stand. I especially like Tiga Dark's paint job. It's either done with a better grade paint, or there was better quality control.

Power-Type is something different from its 3 predecessors. The most prominent upgrade is his head. He has got a real jewel above his eyes now, unlike the rest who got them painted, and he has realistic, clear, reflective eyes, unlike the ugly things on the previous 3's faces. Maybe it's just me, but I think there's something different with the silver part of his suit as well. Another obvious difference is the sculpt. He has got thicker legs and a better torso than the rest.

I got one with a springy left leg, unlucky. And just with every decent release, there always is one flaw to disappoint. The zepellion ray included in his accessories set failed to be of use to him as with a new mold comes different articulation, and with this articulation, his arms can't get into the zepellion ray stance. I did find some use for it with Ultraman Zero though.

Ending comments:
Multi-Type: A disappointment for such an iconic heisei Ultraman. 6.5/10
Tiga Dark: A rather flaw-free figure, although the release can be questionable. 7.5/10
Sky-Type: Good figure, though being just a repaint. 7/10
Power-Type: Rather solid release, just that the zepellion ray bothers me. 7.5/10

Well, with the above 4 figures you have the most popular modes of Ultraman Tiga. Although they may not be the last.


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