Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ultra-Act Review: Ultraman Belial

The unboxing.
Main Body.
Time for Ultra-Act reviews again, this time: Ultraman Belial.
First off, I must say I'm quite disappointed with HLJ's service this time round. Been ordering stuff from them for quite a while now and this is the first time my items took double the time to arrive. Not to mention a mangled clear plastic cradle. (though you can't really see it in the above photo, the sides of the clear cradle are mangled) At first, I thought perhaps it's the design for Belial as he's a villain, but experiencing the difficulty in removing the cover made me realise otherwise.

However though, as I got him on half price and the set itself was not damaged, I can't complain.

Ultraman Belial is molded pretty well. The added texture on his whole body sort of gives him a realistic look. The joints however, are inconsistent. The whole of his torso feels good enough, but from the chest down, everything feels a little loose. I think his eyes are quite well made for an early release, although it would be better if his color timer was clear too, instead of painted. I also noticed that his waist joint looks more natural than Kaiser Belial's. Bear in mind that this is an even earlier release.

It's pretty amazing for figures of this size to have elaborate details like movable fingers. But for this case, I'm not really a fan of it. His fingers, while movable, can't really serve the purpose of why it's made like this in the first place. The joints are separated into 3 sections for 5 fingers. The thumb is by itself while the index and middle are together, then the fourth and pinky. This set up doesn't really give you natural-looking poses, but it's a good effort, nonetheless.

His accessories are less than the usual amount for Ultra-Act, but sufficient for his character. His effect parts could be done better though. They would look better if they were clearer.

Come, join me...


Ending comments:
All in all, Belial is quite a decent release. A nice addition to your collection of villains in this line. 7.5/10

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