Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hi again, and some Ultra-Act News.

Hello world. Apologies for the lack of updates to my followers, if any. Have been busy with life lately. Will try to get more posts up regularly like before, but can't promise much now. More followers would be seen as motivation and support, and would be much appreciated.

Don't worry, though I have not been posting, I've still kept myself in touch with the Ultra world. Here's some latest from Tamashii themselves.

Not-so-new news:

Ultra-Act exclusive: Andro Melos. Release date: TBA June 2012

Ultra-Act exclusive: Jean Killer/ Jean Nine. Release date: TBA July 2012

The Latest:

Guess who?

Ultra-Act Ultraman. New model. Release date: TBA July 2012

Photo credits: Tamashii Nations, Hobby Search


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