Thursday, December 15, 2011

News: Future Releases! (Updates)

Tons of prototype showcases for future Ultra-Act releases at Tamashii Nation 2011.

Thanks to AmiAmi for the following photo-shots:

Ultraman Dyna Showcase:

Ultraman Gaia V2 / Agul V2 showcase:

Andro Melos showcase:

*update* Thanks to JE Fusion for this.
Ultraman Noa showcase:

I'm very disappointed in this prototype. The whole figure is nice, but just look at the eyes.
*more updates*
Thanks to GA Graphic.

Close up shot still doesn't do his eyes any good.

Ultraman Nexus (Junis) showcase:

Missed out on this one. Looks cool.

Ultra 6 Brothers showcase:

New mantles.

Ultraman Zoffy showcase:

Notice the revised ankle joints from Ultraman.
Ultraman showcase:

New mask type. (Although I can't tell the difference from these photo-shots. Also, notice the terrible ankle joints are preserved.)
Ultraseven showcase:

Can't tell for sure, but it does look like he has a newly molded body and better looking head.
Return of Ultraman (Ultraman Jack) showcase:

Looks good with the new shoulder and ankle joints. Hopefully the final product comes with a better option for color timer parts though (for Zoffy too). The line across the chest reminds me of Mebius.
Ultraman Ace showcase:

Solid looking figure, though the shoulder joints look worrying.

Ultraman Taro showcase:

Another solid looking figure, although I wonder why can't his ankle joints be similar to the above Ultraseven's.

Hopefully in the next announcement: Ultra Father, Ultra Mother, Ultraman King, Ultraman 80, Ultraman Hikari, Ultraman Cosmos, Ultraman Max.

That's it for the heroes for now.

Now for the villains.

Alien Metron showcase:

Another Ultraseven classic opponent.

Alien Baltan (The First) showcase:

Notice the different shades for his "shadows". Meaning two different figures? If they're due for exclusive, only die-hard completionists will get them I suppose.
Apatee showcase:

Don't know why him first, of all Gaia's opponents. But he is the first villain Gaia and Agul sort of fought on the same episode.

Kanegon showcase:

Can't understand his release for now. Going to be a hot seller though, no doubt.

Ace Killer showcase:

Classic opponent for Ultraman Ace.

Ultimate Force Zero with Jean Killer showcase:

Newest villainous blood.
 That's it folks!

Photo credits: AmiAmi, JE Fusion, GA Graphic, Toy-World

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  1. Neither man nor seven are new mold in those pics.

    They are considering making a new "man" (they really really should). No words about seven yet.