Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ultra-Act Review: Ultraman Gaia V2

Newest acquisition.
The unboxing.
I haven't actually watched much of the Ultraman Gaia series, I'll admit, so my knowledge of him is limited. But I like him enough anyway to get him first rather than Glenfire.


Ultra-Act Ultraman Gaia V2 is the second release after Tamashii revamped their Ultra-Act line packaging box. Can't say I love the new design, although I don't hate it neither. I'll prefer the old dark design any day. This new shiny colorful box makes me feel like a kid again.

Tamashii is on with campaign toys again, this time with Ultraman Gaia. His first batch release comes with extra effects part which you can pose to mimic his arrival like in the show, landing with such force that the surrounding ground is unearthed.

This release comes with an interesting choice of accessories as well; you get two heads with different eyes.

Reflective eyes without flash.

Reflective eyes with flash.

Non-reflective eyes without flash.

Non-reflective eyes with flash.
His accessories are the usual amount. His joints are okay, a little loose at the chest and waist area. Otherwise, the sculpt is fantastic.

Ending comments:
Ultra-Act Ultraman Gaia V2 is yet another decent release by Tamashii. The line is definitely improving. 8/10


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