Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ultra-Act Review: Kyrieloid

The unboxing.
Main body.
Kyrieloid in the Ultraman Tiga series is an ancient race in the Tiga universe which supposedly existed before even the warrior of light himself appeared on earth. This character appeared twice in the series, upgrading itself to Kyrieloid II in the second encounter, with an enhanced body and powers.


I didn't really notice this character in the series. He wasn't so memorable compared to other villains. Yet I can see why Tamashii decided on this character to be paired with Tiga's Ultra-Act release. His character, while lacks any real depth, does have a really cool suit design. He is the first seijin (alien), or rather, humanoid opponent that Ultraman Tiga faced, and apparently also the first since the heisei era.

Though this release can be justified, the lack of accessories is still a huge disappointment, with just one effects part and an extra set of hands. He does, like Ultraman Tiga Multi-Type, come with a first batch campaign toy UMW Guts Wing 1 though. I missed it on both occasions, although it is not hard to find it sold loosely somewhere nowadays.

Ending comments:

Kyrieloid can be forgettable, but this figure is still well made. Solid joints and articulation, detailed sculpt and excellent paint job are a good action figure's qualities. 8/10


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